folding, compact walking and hiking sticks

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compact travel accessories

All your travel information in one safe spot! International Travel Stix looks like a credit card, but easily snaps into your computer for loading and unloading of essential travel and medical information. No traveler should be without one!
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compact travel accessories

Turn your staff into a monopod. Attach to the top of your walking, hiking, or wading staff* and position your camera in virtually any position. Adds support and flexibility to your photography.
(*for camera mount models only)
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Who says you can't take it with you?

  All of our quality walking, hiking and wading staffs fold to just 9 inches!

made in the USA
Travlr collapsible walking stick
Incredibly thin, amazingly light, the compact 1/2" diameter Travlr® fits in purse, pocket and carry-on luggage. Ideal for all light-weight walking needs.

made in the USA
Volkstaf collapsible walking stick

Remarkably sturdy, extremely compact, the 3/4" diameter Volkstaf® keeps you safe on city streets and mountain trails, yet fits on belt, in backpack and carry-on luggage. Ideal for all walking or hiking needs.   

made in the USA
Folstaf collapsible wading stick

The original safety staff, Folstaf® comes in both 1/2" and 3/4" diameter. Perfect for fishing and other water adventures. This compact staff fits in belt holster ready to use at a moments notice.


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