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About Rocky Mountain Amblers

We started Rocky Mountain Amblers, an e-commerce business specializing in Volkstaf®, Travlr®, and Folstaf® walking staffs, in January 2006. As avid walkers and day hikers, our goal was to create a business specializing in something we knew and loved. The mission of the business was simple: only sell products we personally use and endorse, and provide the type of ‘old-fashioned’ customer service that we like to receive ourselves.

As software developers, we had no prior sales experience. But we knew how to design and build a company website, and we knew we could talk honestly and informatively about products we use and believe in.

We're not the first family to build a business around the Volkstaf®, Travlr®, and Folstaf®. The products were conceived, designed and built by husband and wife team, Arthur and Joan Stoliar, who in 1970 began designing and building products they wanted to use themselves. Today the manufacturing company they built, The Folstaf Company, previous known as The Fly-Tyer's Carry-All, is in second-generation family ownership under the skilled leadership of their daughter, Lee Stoliar Dufresne. Every Volkstaf®, Travlr®, and Folstaf® we sell is backed not only by a life-time warranty, but by family innovation and dedication to the quality and usefulness of the products.

Beginning in January 2014 the Volkstaf and Travlr staffs have been renamed to fall under the Folstaf umbrella.

Volkstaf is now known as the Folstaf SUPER STURDY staff and continues to be your best choice for handling rugged terrain with a staff that easily packs away when not needed.

Travlr is now known as the Folstaf SLIM LITE staff to recognize its maximum portability and light weight, a walking staff for less rugged environments.

At Rocky Mountain Amblers, we provide not only top-of-the-line products, but also experienced, helpful, and honest customer advice based on over a decade of using the products on hiking trails and city streets. We hope to talk to you soon!

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