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Belt Holster
    Folstaf® SLIM LITE,
    Folstaf® SUPER STURDY, and
    Folstaf® WADING

  • Replacement item for Folstaf® WADING (Folstaf® are sold with a belt holster)
  • Accessory item for Folstaf® SLIM LITE and
    Folstaf® SUPER STURDY (Folstaf® SLIM LITE and Folstaf® SUPER STURDY are not sold with a holster or any other carrying case)


This black reconstituted leather holster stands up to water, weather and time. Thread your belt through the secure back belt loops and carry your staff on your hip. Riveted for strength and durability. Keeps staff easily accessible.

Sold in two sizes:

For 1/2" Folstaf® SLIM LITE (Regular and Metro models)
and 1/2" Folstaf® WADING

1/2" Holster
(part number: H12)
$15.99 ea.

For 3/4" Folstaf® SUPER STURDY
and 3/4" Folstaf® WADING

3/4" Holster
(part number: H34)
$16.99 ea.

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