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International Travel Stix™
  For the Organized Travler!


International Travel Stix™ looks like a credit card, but is a unique credit card size data stick. It comes pre-loaded with travel and medical forms essential for all travelers, national or international.

Click the fold out flash drive into your computer's USB port and fill in your personal information on the attorney prepared forms. Then store it in your wallet - all your important information in one easy to find, easy to use, place!

In addition to the forms, the 2 GB of storage provides ample space for all your important documents. Scan and upload everything from passports to eyeglass perscriptions to allergy information. Easy to carry, easy to find, and easy to access in an emergency, International Travel Stix™ is a must have for all travelers.

Sold as one International Travel Stix™ per order - fits easily into wallet, just like a credit card.

International Travel Stix™

We are not able to get International Travel Stix from our supplier at this time.

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