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Rubber Caps
    Folstaf® SLIM LITE,
    Folstaf® SUPER STURDY, and
    Folstaf® WADING

  • Accessory item for Folstaf® WADING (Folstaf® WADING are not sold with rubber tip caps)
  • Replacement item for Folstaf® SLIM LITE and
    Folstaf® SUPER STURDY (Folstaf® SLIM LITE and Folstaf® SUPER STURDY are sold with a rubber tip cap. Accessories are not covered by the staff warranty. We recommend carrying a spare, particularly while traveling)


Black rubber caps fit over the built-in Folstaf® SLIM LITE, Folstaf® SUPER STURDY, and Folstaf® WADING carbide tip for added safety when staffs are folded and stored. Also good for walking indoors or on other fragile surfaces.

Also essential for Folstaf® SLIM LITE Metro models. Folstaf® SLIM LITE Metro, with built-in rounded aluminum tip, should not be used to walk without the safety of the rubber cap.

Sold in two sizes:

For 1/2" Folstaf® SLIM LITE (Regular and Metro models) and 1/2" Folstaf® WADING

1/2" Rubber Cap
(part number: RT12)
$3.00 ea.

For 3/4" Folstaf® SUPER STURDY and 3/4" Folstaf® WADING

3/4" Rubber Cap
(part number: RT34)
$3.50 ea.

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