Order Folstaf® WALKING SLIM LITE — Light-Weight Support
    (formerly Travlr)

collapsible walking sticks

1/2" Diameter Light-Weight Support
Standard Features on All Folstaf® WALKING SLIM LITE Staffs

  • 1/2 inch aircraft grade aluminum tubing
  • Folds to 9 inches
  • Premium grade single shock cord
  • Cushioned foam grip
  • Side mounted wrist loop lanyard
  • Velcro wrap strap
  • 1 removable rubber tip - this accessory is not covered by the Folstaf® SLIM LITE warranty. We recommend carrying a spare, particularly while traveling. See "Folstaf® SLIM LITE Accessories" below; 1/2" diameter rubber caps sold in sporting good and walking aid stores, and rubber chair protectors sold in hardware stores, also can be used.

Folstaf® WALKING SLIM LITE Models:

NOTE:(As of January 2013, the manufacturer has discontinued all compass topped walking staffs. As of August 2016, the manufacturer has discontinued all Slim Lite LONG models-consider the outstanding Super Sturdy Medium Model!)

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Folstaf® WALKING SLIM LITE Original Regular Model with rock and ice-biting carbide tip and removable rubber cap to cover tip when walking indoors (43 inches long, 7 ounces)

Model T12Am with Camera Mount top
$85.95 ea.

Pair (Model T12A2):
TWO Model T12Am staffs with Camera Mount top
$152.00 for both


Folstaf® SLIM LITE Accessories
Folstaf® SLIM LITE Joint Lube (part number: JL)
$1.00 ea.

Folstaf® SLIM LITE Rubber Tip (part number: RT12)
$3.75 ea.

Replacement Camera Mount Cap
for all Folstaf® walking/hiking/wading models and sizes.
(part number: CMCAP)
$3.75 ea.

Folstaf® SLIM LITE Holster (part number: H12)
$15.99 ea.

Ballhead Mount
(part number BHM)
 (for camera mount models only)
$29.95 ea.

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