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Shipping Information

Shipping to addresses in the USA:
    • Orders normally ship out within 3-4 days.
    • In an effort to provide our customers with low cost, quality shipping within the USA, we use United States Postal Service Priority Mail for all orders over $30 and United States Postal Service 1st Class Mail for all orders $30 and under. USPS Priority Mail generally takes 2-3 days for delivery, and USPS 1st Class Mail generally takes 5 days for delivery. PLEASE NOTE that these shipping methods are neither insured nor guaranteed. If you would like these options added to your shipping, please contact us for the additional costs. Normal shipping and handling charges are $8.95 for orders over $30, and $3.95 for all orders under $30.
    • Overnight shipping: Orders can usually be shipped overnight using USPS Express Mail, HOWEVER, orders still take 3-4 days to process before release to the US Postal Service. Express Mail can not be ordered on our website. Please contact us for availablity, shipping costs (costs generally run between $28 - $50 USD, depending on weight and distance), and ordering.
    • We can usually accomodate requests for FedEx or UPS shipping. We charge the FedEx or UPS shipping charge, plus a $15 special handling fee. Please contact us for costs and ordering.
Shipping to addresses outside the USA (this includes shipping to Canada):
    We are experienced in shipping all over the world; however, our website is not currently programmed to handle shipping calculations for orders outside the USA. Please do not place your order on the website; instead, send us an email to requesting shipping information. Including the following information will help us in providing quicker service and more accurate shipping estimates: a) a list of all items you wish to order; and, b) your address including city, province, and country.

    • There is no such thing as a 100% date-certain guarantee: Though shipping companies usually meet their delivery date, and though the majority of packages we ship make it through customs quickly, the reality is that any package, even those with "date certain" shipping, can be held up in customs which will delay delivery by days or even weeks. Please check with your local customs agency for specific information.
    • Import and customs fees, duties, tariffs and taxes: Different countries collect different import fees, taxes, tariffs, etc. These costs are calculated and charged by your country's customs agency, and are often collected at time of delivery. We always suggest you find out, if you aren't already aware, of what, if any, fees will be charged to you for importing from the USA so you aren't surprised by unexpected costs for release from customs, or when delivery is made. We do not have information on these costs and do not cover or reimburse these costs if they are incurred.
      In order to keep costs as low as possible, our normal international shipping method is to use the United States Postal Service (USPS) for orders shipping outside the USA. (USPS shipping is often as much as $100 USD less than other shipping methods.) The USPS is responsible for shipping until the package reaches your country's customs agency. Once released from customs, shipping to your address is handled by your country's internal postal service.

    • We offer the following international USPS shipping options to our customers:

    • USPS Priority Mail International,
      • Generally takes 7- 14 business days for delivery.
      • Merchandise is insured.
      • Limited tracking: tracking shows pick-up after order; package leaving the USA; package accepted by addressee country's customs agency. Depending on your internal postal system, sometimes tracking is available once handed over to your local service.
      USPS Express Mail International
      • Generally takes 5 business days for delivery. There is a money-back guarantee to certain destinations if a guaranteed delivery date is not met (if applicable, more details on this will be included in your individual estimates)
      • Merchandise is insured.
      • Limited tracking: tracking shows pick-up after order; package leaving the USA; package accepted by addressee country's customs agency. Depending on your internal postal system, sometimes tracking is available once inside your country as well.
      USPS 1st Class International (only offered to specific countries.)
      • Generally takes about 3 business weeks for delivery.
      • Merchandise is not insured.
      • No tracking is available.
        If you desire, we can gather estimates from FedEx and/or UPS for international shipping. We charge an additional $15 special handling fee for packages sent with FedEx or UPS. Please let us know if you would like this added to your estimate.
We are here to help: if you have more questions or would like a shipping estimate, contact us:
For fastest service email us at:
Phone: 303-793-0719
Customer Service phone hours are Tuesday/Thursday, 2 PM - 7 PM Mountain Time

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