Choose the Right Size:
  – Folstaf® SUPER STURDY Staff
  – Folstaf® Wading Staff
Staff height comfort is subjective! If possible, measure our staff heights onto a dowel or broomstick and test your comfort level before ordering.

Folstaf® SUPER STURDY Staff,
and Folstaf® Wading Staff
are folding staffs that can be comfortably held on the grip (foam grip on walking sticks, cork grip on wading stick) which measures approximately 6 3/4" down from the top of the staff. When held off the grip, you will be holding the metal shaft, flared joints or Velcro wrap strap.

Folstaf® SUPER STURDY Staff -- the ergonomically "correct" way to use a walking stick is for your arm to be at a right angle when holding the grip of the staff. However, remember that staff height is subjective, so decide what feels most comfortable for you!

Folstaf® WADING Staff -- Anglers who fish in high rivers might should consider a longer staff height than they would normally choose for hiking or walking. This way, if your staffs sinks into a muddy river bottom, or below the rocks you are standing on, the wading staff will still be long enough for your needs.

A 5'4" Person B
B 5'9" Person C
  Staff Length:  

A 41"x 3/4" diameter:
  • Folstaf® SUPER STURDY
  • Folstaf® Wading
B 50"x 3/4" diameter:
  • Folstaf® SUPER STURDY
  • Folstaf® Wading
C 59"x 3/4" diameter:
  • Folstaf® SUPER STURDY
  • Folstaf® Wading

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