Is the Folstaf® SLIM LITE Walking Staff Right For Me?

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The Folstaf® SLIM LITE is ideal for light balance and support in normal walking conditions such as city sidewalks, parks, botanical gardens, groomed and level walking paths, stairs, and cobblestone streets.

This slim folding walking stick will help:
• Take pressure off of legs, knees, ankles, back, etc.
• Provide a "banister" effect when climbing stairs
• Help stabilize for light balance issues

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People who buy the Folstaf® SLIM LITE use them for city-oriented trips in Europe, to climb up to Machu Pichu, for strolling through parks, and for added stability and balance in day to day life.

When to choose Folstaf® SLIM LITE Metro vs. Folstaf® SLIM LITE Original:

Folstaf® SLIM LITE Metro: If you will be using your walking stick only indoors or on city sidewalks, and you are a frequent airline carry-on baggage traveler, consider the Folstaf® SLIM LITE Metro, the city-friendly folding walking staff. Folstaf® SLIM LITE Metro can only be used with rubber cap.

Folstaf® SLIM LITE Original: If you plan to use your walking stick on wet and/or slippery surfaces, uneven sidewalks or roads, dirt paths (urban or not), consider the added safety of the original Folstaf® SLIM LITE Original road-hugging carbide tip. Folstaf® SLIM LITE Original also comes with a rubber cap which fits over the carbide when walking indoors or on other easily marred surfaces.

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Sometimes the Folstaf® SLIM LITE 1/2" diameter trimness is not right for your walking needs.

Folstaf® SUPER STURDY, the 3/4" sturdy walking staff, is not just for hiking!
Choose Folstaf® SUPER STURDY instead of Folstaf® SLIM LITE if:
   • you have moderate to bad balance issues
   • you have painful difficulty with hips, back, knees, etc.
   • you are large and/or heavy in size
   • you need to negotiate through snow or over icy patches
   • you will use your stick on - rocky terrain, uneven or
     pitted dirt paths, moderate to heavy inclines or declines

Choose the Folstaf® Wading Staff if you will be using your staff in rushing water where it will get soaked through.

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