Is the Folstaf® SUPER STURDY Walking Staff Right For Me?

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The Folstaf® SUPER STURDY is the perfect all-around trekking pole. It is ideal for everything from a stroll down the street to a rugged hike up a mountainside. This 3/4" diameter staff provides real strength and stability - you can dig in and know it will support you.

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Many people who purchase Folstaf® SUPER STURDY folding walking staffs are heading into lengthier or more difficult walking or hiking terrain. And the Folstaf® SUPER STURDY can stand up to the rigor of the trail - customers have relied on Folstaf® SUPER STURDY staffs to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, trek across the Pyrenees, and scramble to the top of fourteeners in Colorado.

But Folstaf® SUPER STURDY is not just for hiking conditions.
If you aren't a hiker, choose Folstaf® SUPER STURDY if:
  • you have moderate to bad balance issues
  • you have painful difficulty with hips, back, knees, etc.
  • you are large and/or heavy in size
  • you need to negotiate through snow or over icy patches
  • you will use your stick on:
      — rocky terrain
      — uneven or pitted dirt paths
      — moderate to heavy inclines or declines

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Sometimes the Folstaf® SUPER STURDY 3/4" diameter sturdiness is not right for your walking needs.

Folstaf® SLIM LITE is ideal for light-weight balance and support. Consider Folstaf® SLIM LITE if you will be using your walking stick in normal walking conditions (such as city sidewalks, parks, botanical gardens, groomed and level walking paths, stairs, and cobblestone streets).

If your outdoor adventures include hiking or fishing and you want a walking pole that can handle heavy water usage, consider the Folstaf® Wading staff, the wading staff designed for anglers.

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